C-Kwence, or simply known by his newest nickname "Kwency Jones", has been tearing up the local rap scene in the Inland Empire as a solo artist for the last 3 years. As one third and founding father of the '92 Family collective, his first release came in 2008 with “Supply & Demand” mix tape Volumes 1 & 2 as a double disc. This started the beginning of his "Supply & Demand" mix tape trilogy, and fueled the motivation behind his first debut album in 2010, "Smell Of Success" LP. Gaining more support from his fan base and a new recognition from his peers, "Smell Of Success" quickly made an impact as it drew over 10,000 album downloads within four months.

After the new-found success, he announced that he would be working on the third and final "Supply & Demand" mix tape, properly titled "The Last Shipment". After three months of new music in production, "The Last Shipment" was released in August, 2010.

As a hungry artist, Kwency Jones began working on his sophomore album during the fall of the same year. Released officially on Christmas morning, "Success Story" EP went on to see great success as well with over 5,000 downloaded copies in two months. With production from '92 Family label mate Salute, as well as a colorful slew of features from Black Cloud's Curtiss King & Poetik Force along with other Cov Original affiliates, "Success Story" quickly became a favorite among fans as well as an eye opener to new supporters. The EP quickly projected him to local spotlight as many doors opened up to perform at several venues including "Da Ill Spot" & "Soulstyce Music Festival", which also helped spawn the creation of his own fan base dubbed "Team Kwency" . "Success Story" also helped to coin two of his newest catchphrases; "I'm About to Punch In!” pertaining to his work ethic towards music and the ever popular "#GO", in regards to something that he favors or likes.

Never feeling that his work as an artist is done, Kwency just released his first mix tape in two years. Released in July 2012, titled "Kwency Bueller's Day Off" and hosted by Versalution Clothing. Now that the mix tape is out, Kwency has already been approached to begin working on more new projects.