Born Britton Washburn in Los Angeles, the 27 year old Cali bred MC has had his share of good, bad, and ugly. No stranger to obstacles, Doc was born premature with his twin brother; a birth where both the twins boys and their mother almost didn't make it out alive. Weighing a sheer 3 lbs and born with an undeveloped stomach lining, these were the early stages where Doc first showed his strong will and determination. Throw in a deadbeat father and hundreds of non-believers and you've got the melting pot of Doc's life in a nutshell.

Raised by a single mother in Walnut, CA, he caught the itch of hip hop at the young age of 7 years old, creating mixtapes with his twin brother and cousin. For the next 20 years he would start to mold his craft into one of the most promising yet underrated careers in the California rap circuit. Not your typical carbon copy type of rapper, Doc likes to stick to the basics of hip-hop. Although he certifies Jay-Z and Common are his biggest influences, he's in love with the originators: Big Daddy Kane, Rakim, Kool G. Rap, an appreciation so rare these days. He's not a rapper, he's an MC. A wordsmith or mic charmer if you will, but more so an underdog.

Forever loyal, Doc has been in and out of the studio with his crew " ''92 Fam", on a mission to bring Cali hip hop back to the forefront. Doc is currently in the studio working on "Workaholics", a follow-up to his 2011 collaborative album with Kwency Jones titled "Two Sides To A Story". His style is almost unorthodox, mixing the elements of ridiculous wordplay, smooth west coast swagger, and gritty east coast flavor into strong concept-based material. Backed by his family, his crew, and his fan base, Doc sure seems to be a rare commodity in the music world. He has a fierce grind, never say die attitude, and pure love for the genre are the qualities which lead Doc to a very optimistic future.