A group of creatively hungry, artistically driven, focused and poised individuals who all share the same element: The love of Hip Hop music.

'92 Family is in no way shape or form affiliated with any gang activity whatsoever, we are the '92 Family simply because we are a family and we have been writing, producing, recording and performing music since 1992.

We, the founders of '92 Family, are a coalition of 3 artists who are not only family but are the first 3 artists of '92 Family: twin brothers Madd Doc(Britton), C-Kwence(Brandon) and cousin Salute(Brian).

'92 Family is not an independent record label or company but more so a movement, a family of artists of many genres who all share three major things in common: tremendous hustle, lots of heart, and the love of the music. To learn more about each artist, please click on the artist or performance schedule links above.

Welcome to the '92 Family!