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Paul Reza

After graduating from Garden Grove High School, I continued my passion for art in a way I always wanted, through tattoos. As I strengthened my knowledge and drawing skills, I married the love of my life, Marlene and we soon started our family. I have worked in many tattoo shops and was finding a hard time connecting with people that were on the same level as I was when it came to both tattooing as well as business. After long talks with my wife, I made the decision to open up my own shop and bring in artists that I feel have the best skills in Orange County. I knew that Old Towne Orange would be the perfect spot for my shop concept and I did whatever was needed to make my dreams become a reality.

Tim Sauter

Growing up with a rebelous attitude put me in some wild situations because all I cared about was skateboarding, partying, surfing, and drawing. I mostly did the first three but was led to learn that my drawing skills could actually be a career I could have. Tattooing has been in my family for a few generations and I decided that I was going to continue that tradition. I have worked in many different shops in differenet areas such as Placentia, Anaheim, Seal Beach, Fullerton and currently Old Towne Orange. I took on the challenge of owning my own shop and did not enjoy the stress that came along with it. I live in Anaheim with my family, still surf almost every day and love to create custom tattoos for my clients. I do my best to design a new tattoo for each piece I do so I can take pride in knowing that my clients have a unique tattoo that nobody else out there will have. I may give off tough criticizm about your ideas for a tattoo, but I can guarantee that you will walk away from my chair with a one of a kind tattoo that will outshine your expectations.

Eric Lovato

When I am not tattooing, I spend a lot of my time working on my Volkswagon bug or searching for the next bug car show. I have a passion for the bug about as much as I do for drawing. I grew up in Lake Forest but did not feel like I fit in with others I was surrounded by. Having a passion for tattoos, piercings and old classic cars sort of made me an outcast in that city. As I worked to become a tattoo artist, I found myself leaving Lake Forest and came up to North Orange County. When I discovered Old Towne Tattoo Parlor, I knew this was the right place for me. Old Towne Orange is the perfect city. It has the classic, old town vibe yet an open mind to the lifestyle I live. I currently live in Tustin with my girlfriend and am very humbled to create custom tattoos for my clients. I am in a place where I am not judged for my love of classic cars and custom tattoos. To top it off, I have my third love by my side supporting me along the way.

Josh Jimenez

Drawing has always been an oulet for me. I love to sketch, am always putting my visions on paper and even found myself drawing even when I should have been taking notes in class. I knew that once I was done with high school, I wanted to do something where I could draw without distractions. I began my college career at Cerritos College and realized that if I became a tattoo artist, I could fullfill my dreams. I then learned what it would take to become a professional tattooer and I love each and every day I come into work. As my skills became better, I started to gain a love for realism. I challenged myself to draw images of real people and it has helped me tremendously in my work as a tattoo artist. I have done movie characters, celebrities, memorial tattoos and many others that have a very realistic quality to them. Whether it’s a persons' face, an object such as a flower or an animal, I do my best to make it as realistic as possible.